The collection PÉDILUVE plunges us into the big Blue. The famous overalls make lighter for the summer season. Cotton nets, poplin and linen get involved in the painting of blue twill. Blouses, dress apron, overall, bodysuit and pair of shorts of bath arrive by waves to disturb the combination of original blue painting and reveal it in the carefreeness of the summer. The nuances of blues make fresher and more ethereal in passing of the blue jeans watered down in the blue swimming pool. The printed matter Swim creates by and for Cae. comes to revitalize this collection by its inspired motives for the chlorinated ponds. The working cloth off-loads its gravity to emphasize better. Pockets, graphic cuts and buttons pressures stay nevertheless as a reflection. Finally accessories, sun hat, wide-brimmed hats and backpack come to finish the silhouette and to complete continuous-flow cloakroom.