The brand’s underlying theme is the industrial wasteland, draws inpiration in the work uniform. As the jean has overcome its industrial origins, the blue work reinvents itself through the collections, remolded to survey the urban trails.

Cae’s blue echoes symbolically to the blue collars (term that comes from the workers’ clothes who belonged to the society’s hierarchy bottom which was oppose at the opposite of the white collars, represented as leaders & frameworkers.

Reacting to a normalized & standardized society, cae offers to reinvest the “bleu work”, symbol of standardization, personalizing it to give a new dimension to this popular garment worn by the working class, giving a new breath through clothing and erasing borders. Deconstruct to reconstruct in a breathless society through an approach of combining blue fabrics matching functional & aestheticism in a refined style with graphical lines.

The project claims an highlighted expertise in our legacy but also a genuine desire to present a well made product of good quality. The “bleu work” becomes an everyday garment as the working men use to wear it.

Créatrices : Emma Berger et Mathilde Sothier

Photographe : Maud Fichez
Maquilleuse : Maylis Barbet
Mannequins : Marion Louis, Josselin Berger, Pierre Humbert, Kevin Ferreira

Designer chaise yvette : Rémi Casado
Artiste peintre : Arthur Metz
Site web : Timberlee
Communication visuelle : Coraline Loos

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